HW4: Kinect™ Camera Calibration

Calibration is the association of machine measurements with real world variables. Calibration can be thought of as an inverse problem. It is often called inverse regression. In regression we want to find a formula for a dependent variable in terms of an independent one. In calibration, we want to find a formula for an independent variable (a real world variable) in terms of a dependent variable (a machine measurement). Actually, in Math Class we could do a regression of Y on X, or a regression of X on Y; so these formalities of speaking are not entirely consistent with each other. In this Project 4, we find a formula for real world coordinates in terms of measurements from a machine called Kinect™. With the aforementioned sense of speaking established, Parts 1 & 2 are the calibrations. Parts 3, 4, & 5 are more like regressions.

Part 1 - Z Calibration

Part 2 - X Calibration

Part 3 - Camera Toy Calibration

Part 4 - Camera One Calibration

Part 5 - Camera Two Calibration